Ballistic vest

Ballistic vest

Tactical ballistic vest CZ 4M LANCER

Product code:        BV-006

CZ 4M LANCER offers maximum protection combined with a unique anatomical design which evenly distributes the weight on the wearer's chest and back, thus avoiding excessive load on the shoulders as is common in all rival products of this class.

This feature is further enhanced by a patented system of fastening that provides a secure and accurate fit while allowing the wearer to adjust the size as required. In addition, the vest may be tightened with a classic Velcro strap system.

The body armor covers maximum surface of user’s body while retaining unequalled comfort of wearing and use of weapons and other equipment. It is possible to use additional protective equipment such as collar, arm protectors, crotch protector and protective waist belt.

 The vest is equipped with the patented system of quick release, which provides a single motion disintegration of the vest on the front and back part.

The removable 3D ventilation inserts help heat and moisture to escape.

The carrier system is compatible with MOLLE (PALS) that covers the whole surface of the vest and allows to attach a large number of personal equipment.

Technical data:

Weight: (size L/XL): 4,41 kg in the full configuration

Color: black, FDE, multicam, VZ95, according the client´s requirement


Ballistic protection: Level IIIA (NIJ 01.01.04 or 06)

Covert Ballistic Vest CZ 4M VIP

Product code: BV-005

Covert Ballistic Vest CZ 4M VIP is designed for duty use wearing under outer garments. Suitable especially for bodyguards, police patrols and security companies.

The outer material reduces adhesion of the outer garments and it is noiseless.  The Velcro fasteners don‘t damage the clothes. 

Inner lining made of 2D mesh with antibacterial treatment. There is an option to have the CZ4M VIP vest with Outlast® inner layer, which ensure heat dissipation through a special layer of aluminium nanofibers.

Flexible parts of the vest are made of a highly resistant and UV resistant neoprene. 

The vest is equipped with a special front pocket for an additional ballistic panel to provide protection against rifle ammunition up to level IV NIJ.

Technical Data: 

Ballistic protection area (size L): 0,33 m2

Weight:  1.8 kg

Colour: Black, White, Beige

Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Ballistic protection: NIJ STD 0101.04 Level IIA or IIIA, STANAG 2920 -  V50 550 m/sec

Antistab protection: NIJ 0115.01, HOSDB KR1 

Ballistic vest CZ 4M HORNET

Product code:        BV-022

The CZ 4M HORNET vest is designed for everyday use by patrol or security units, civil, security or rescue services and agencies.

It allows both covert and overt use lV NIJ.

The outer material is easy to clean and maintain.

The vest is designed to be multi-size and can be adjusted to fit all common sizes.

As an option, the CZ 4M HORNET vest can be supplied with an internal 3D ventilation insert which is removable and easy to clean.

At the front and back there are special pockets for additional ballistic plates with protection against rifle ammunition up to Level IV NIJ.

Area of ballistic protection (L):           0,3 m2

Colour:                                                         Black

Material:                                                     EXE-TEX® FR

Size:                                                               Multi-size

Ballistic protection:                                 NIJ STD 0101.04 or 06 Level IIA or Level IIIA

Fragmentation protection:                  STANAG 2920 V50 up to 650 m/s
Antistab protection Stab resistance: NIJ 0115.01 or HOSDB KR1



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